Kennedys Creek
Solar Farm

The even topography of the site makes it ideal for our solar farm to soak up the valuable Northern Victoria's sunlight and convert it into clean and sustainable energy.

Benefits for the Community

South Energy strives to maximise the local benefits from the endorsement of the Kennedys Creek Solar Farm. Besides significant environmental and social benefits, an investment program will also be initiated to raise funds for community projects.

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Kennedys Creek Solar Farm is a utility-scale renewable energy project that is proudly presented by South Energy, one of the emerging solar farm development companies in Australia that is motivated towards a clean and sustainable future.  

Located in northern Victoria, the Kennedys Creek Solar Farm is approximately 4 km north east of Benalla. The Kennedys Creek Solar Farm is proposed to provide a network capacity of up to 145 megawatts. This will help to power approximately 51,000 homes with clean electricity each year.

Kennedys Creek Solar Farm will significantly contribute to Australia’s carbon emissions reduction and help in reducing the effects of climate change on the environment. From the initial design and development to the complete construction and operational life of the project, the local community will also see a strong influx of environmental, social and economic opportunities.

Our Vision

Renewable energy is the future of our society and that is why here at South Energy, we strive to make good use of the natural resources and provide Australia with a sustainable outlook. Through clean and renewable energy sources – such as solar power – we are turning the tides against the global obstacle that is climate change.

Solar energy is not only powerful but also inexhaustible, meaning it can be relied on for generations to come whilst building a brighter tomorrow. We’re representatives for sustainable energy solutions in Australia. With the implementation of renewable energy projects such as the Kennedys Creek Solar Farm, we are guaranteeing a cleaner and greener world.